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Bureau of Fire - Investigations

The St Lawrence County Fire Investigation Team (FIT) is a resource available to local Fire and Law Enforcement agencies upon request, with trained experts to assist in determining the origin and cause of fires and explosions that occur within their jurisdiction.

The Team is made up of 10 New York State and Nationally Certified Fire Investigators, comprised of civilian fire service and sworn law enforcement personnel. The Team, formed in 1981 pursuant to New York State General Municipal Law for the purpose of assisting local Fire Chiefs in determining origin and cause of fires, is supervised by two Deputy Chief Investigators and one Chief Investigator.

The primary objectives of the Fire Investigation Team are:

  • Establish and maintain a quality service to assist fire chiefs in the determination of the origin and cause of suspicious fires throughout the county.
  • Establish and maintain standards for training and experience of police and fire professionals engaged as Origin and Cause Team members.
  • Establish and maintain standardized call-out procedures and dispatches for the Origin and Cause Team
  • Establish and maintain standardized reporting procedures for the Origin and Cause Team.
  • To discourage and deter those persons of society who would willfully set fires for either monetary or personal reasons by providing to the proper authorities accurate information and evidence that can be used towards the arrest and conviction of those involved.
  • To integrate the resources of the Fire Service and Law Enforcement agencies of St Lawrence County for mutual benefit in furthering fire prevention efforts and suppression of criminal activity

The Fire Investigation Team works together with multiple agencies including: local police departments, local fire departments, the Office of the District Attorney, the Office of the County Coroner, New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, to name a few.  Bringing together police and fire professionals trained in fire investigation results in a more team investigation, enhancing the success in determining the origin and cause of the fire, as well as the subsequent criminal investigations undertaken by law enforcement agencies.

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Brian Sullivan
Chief Investigator - Car 36
David (Doc) Weitz
1st Deputy Chief Inv. - Car 12
Andrew Barr
2nd Deputy Chief Inv. - Car 20
Joshua Hunter
Investigator - Car 21
Shawn McCargar
Investigator - Car 24
Jonathan Mitchell
Investigator - Car 30
Thomas Conklin
Investigator - Car 37
Zachary Cole
Investigator - Car 38
Bob Gill
Investigator - Car 39