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Weights & Measures/Consumer Affairs

"Over 200 years of Weights and Measures standardization in the U.S.!"
March 2, 1799 the U.S. Congress enacted first Weights & Measures Law.
December 8, 1910 - St. Lawrence County's first "Sealer" was appointed.

Weights & Measures Mission Statement

The mission of the Bureau of Weights and Measures is to ensure "Equity in the Marketplace". This remains the departments primary objective through the education, monitoring of activities, and the enforcement of the various laws, rules and regulations of New York State and St. Lawrence County. The uniform enforcement of these laws, protects consumers and businesses from unfair and deceptive practices which helps to create a level playing field for all. This continual oversight of commercial businesses assures the consumers of our County, a fair and accurate disclosure of the measure and value of products which they purchase.

How Equity is Achieved:

At least once per year, all commercially used weighing and measuring devices are inspected and tested for both accuracy and proper operation. Certified weights and measuring devices are used during these inspections in accordance with New York State Weights and Measures Law.

Devices Tested:

Scales: All commercial scales ranging from sensitive pharmacy scales to large capacity vehicle scales are inspected using certified weights. Some examples of inspected devices include: pharmacy scales, computing scales at supermarkets and delis, and vehicle scales at transfer stations.

Petroleum Dispensers: Gas, diesel, and kerosene pumps are tested for accuracy of metering, pricing, proper labeling & signage, as well as other requirements.

Vehicle Tank Meters: Testing and calibration of home heating oil and gasoline meters on delivery trucks.

Farm Milk Tanks: Complete calibrations and recalibrations on bulk milk storage tanks up to 9,000 gallons.

Other Enforcement Activities:

Enforce the County  Item Pricing Law:  Where applicable, store inspections are performed to ensure items covered under the Item Pricing Law are marked correctly and that checkout scanners are accurate. Waivers from item pricing are granted to those that apply and meet strict inspection requirements.

Package Checking: Check and weigh packaged products to make sure appropriate tare has been taken to cover container weight and that the net contents of packages is correct.

NYS Petroleum Quality Law: Collection of random fuel samples at retail locations in the County to test the quality of gasoline and diesel fuel.

Credit Card Skimmers: Inspect credit card readers for the presence of credit card skimmers.