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Photo of Indigent Defense offices

County Attorney

Brief Description of Services


Legal advisor to Board, County Administrator and every officer whose compensation is paid from County funds involving an official act of a civil nature.

Prosecute and defend all civil actions by or against the County, the Board and any other officer whose compensation is paid from County funds for any official act.

  • Defends County from any personal injury case, or any case requesting money for any negligent act of the County.
  • Provides legal assistance and representation for Workers' Compensation and/or any health related issues that become litigation.
  • Legal counsel assistance in collective bargaining agreements.
  • County Advisor - Workers' Compensation hearings.
  • County Departments Advisor.
  • PINS and Juvenile Delinquency petitions prosecution.
  • Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) case representation.
  • Tax Enforcement.