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Photo of County Jail

Correctional Division

Correctional Facility
17 Commerce Lane
Canton, New York 13617

(315) 379-2367

Peggy Harper, Jail Administrator

Timothy Amo II, Assistant Jail Administrator

About Us

Correctional Facility Interior ImageThe St. Lawrence County Correctional Facility serves the public with an efficiently operated, secure and humane correction system. It uses innovation and technology in many ways, such as offering a credit card bail system to inmates and a notification system for crime victims to check on the release of prisoners. The Correctional Facility is headed by Sheriff Rick Engle. Located in Canton, New York, the jail consists of:


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Victim Information and Notification

Correctional Notification Contact  ImageCrime victims can use touch-tone phones to call VINE toll free 1-888-846-3469 to get information about convicted felony offenders in the custody of the NY State Department of Correctional Services or any of the 60 County Correctional Facilities in New York State. Or, they can go to VINE Link, the online version.

This information is free of charge and available around-the-clock.

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Inmate Information/Funds/Communications

Inmate Phone ImageSt. Lawrence County Correctional facility has a new up to date inmate phone service. We have updated the new equipment and have a better billing system for inmates and their families. You may set up an account with GTL to receive collect calls from inmates by calling toll free at 1-866-230-7761. You can also visit the website at


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Posting Bail

Picture of Bail Center DeskBail can be posted twenty four (24) hours a day, seven days a week. Bail will be accepted by cash, credit card, or bail bond.  The bail process may take some time so please be patient.



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Visitation Schedule

Correctional Center Visitation Center Table




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