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Phone: (315) 379-2202

The SLC Board of Elections is a bi-partisan Board representative of the two major political parties as determined by the most recent Gubernatorial election.

Phone: (315) 379-2276

The Board of Legislators is composed of 15 elected members who oversee all aspects of County Government.

Phone: (315) 379-2273

Responsible for the safe and efficient operation, maintenance and cleaning of buildings, grounds, and parking lots at the County Office Complex in Canton, including the Human Services Center on State Highway 310 and the St. Lawrence County Correctional Facility located at 17 Commerce Lane.

Phone: (315) 379-9734

The mission of the Bureau of Weights and Measures is to ensure "Equity in the Marketplace". This remains the department's primary objective through the education, monitoring of activities, and the enforcement of the various laws, rules and regulations of New York State and St. Lawrence County

Phone: (315) 386-2048

St. Lawrence County Community Services is responsible for the administrative oversight and planning of services in St. Lawrence County for individuals with substance use disorder, mental illness and developmental disabilities.


Phone: (315) 379-2282

The Conflict Defender’s Office is located on the second floor of the Public Safety Building on Court Street in Canton, New York. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (Summer Hours:  support staff may be available to assist you from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.)

Phone: (315) 379-2269

Legal advisor to Board, County Administrator and every officer whose compensation is paid from County funds involving an official act of a civil nature. Prosecute and defend all civil actions by or against the County, the Board and any other officer whose compensation is paid from County funds for any official act.

Phone: (315) 379-2237

The County Clerk in St. Lawrence County oversees 5 offices which include the County Clerk's Office located in the Courthouse building at 48 Court Street in Canton and 4 convenient DMV offices located throughout the county, addresses listed below.

Phone: (315) 379-1542

The St. Lawrence County Department of Highways employs 85 full time employees.  Employees in administration, engineering, three maintenance areas, bridge construction, bridge maintenance, machinery shop, traffic safety, and tree crew are responsible for planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of 573 miles of paved roadway and 190 open bridges.  They are also responsible for winter maintenance of portions of State and County roads plus 555 miles of roadside mowing during the summer months.

Phone: (315) 379-2225

It is the mission of the St. Lawrence County District Attorney’s office to fairly and diligently represent the People of the State of New York and the People of St. Lawrence County in all criminal proceedings, to safeguard the rights of victims, and to seek justice with steadfast and ethical determination.

Phone: (315) 379-2240

The Office of Emergency Services provides training, support services and coordination for fire and EMS departments throughout St. Lawrence County.  Office of Emergency Services personnel oversee and provide administration for Central Dispatch and the E-911 Public Safety Answering Point.  The Office of Emergency Services is also responsible for comprehensive emergency management for the county and administration of the County Emergency Management Plan. 

Phone: (315) 379-2210

The Human Resources Department provides all aspects of human resources, labor relations, and benefit administration support to all County departments and their employees.

Phone: (315) 379-2401

The Office of Indigent Defense consists of the Public Defender’s Office, the Conflict Defender’s Office, and the Assigned Counsel Program.

Phone: (315) 379-2321

The St. Lawrence County Department of Information Technology is responsible for all aspects of the County's information management needs. 

Phone: (315) 379-2279

The Law Library provides legal reference information and materials to support the courts, county offices, attorneys and the general public. The Library is open to the public, although, they are not allowed to take books out. The Law Library Assistant will assist in teaching people how to use the legal reference materials, BUT CANNOT PERFORM LEGAL RESEARCH OR PROVIDE INTERPRETATION OF THE LAW.

Phone: (315) 386-4730

The Office for the Aging provides information, assistance, services, referrals and advocacy for County residents 60 years and older.

Programs and services include: Nutrition Centers and Home Delivered Meals; NY Connects, Home Care Services; Family Caregiver Support; Medical Transportation; Legal Services; Health Insurance Information Counseling and Assistance, Health Promotion Classes, Computer Classes, Nutrition Education and Nutrition Counseling.

Phone: (315) 379-2292


Special studies for the Board of Legislators and other departments; grant writing and administration, especially in housing and local infrastructure; technical assistance to local governments and citizens on planning, zoning and environmental issues; monitor and respond to state and federal project proposals and offer comments on applicable draft legislation; provide staff resources to the County Planning Board and Environmental Management Council; staff the Fair Housing Task Force and the Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board; provide training to planning and zoning boards; liaison with regional and statewide agencies and organizations; assist with the maintenance and acquisition of spatial data (GIS data management); mange the County’s rural public transit system.


Phone: (315) 379-2230

Mission: To enhance the safety and well-being of our communities

  • We believe that Probation is a meaningful part of the Criminal Justice System. Probation should continue as the primary sentencing option for offenders who do not pose undue risk to their communities.
  • We believe that effective supervision involves the management of offenders in accordance with objectively determined risk and individually determined offender needs. By constructively intervening with offenders in this manner, the offender is held accountable, and we have the best possibility of reducing the likelihood that future serious criminal activities will occur.
  • We believe in hiring and retaining qualified staff and providing them with training to enhance their professional skills and build leadership.
  • We believe in providing professional counseling services through Family Services Intake to ensure that all residents of the county have a viable alternative to resolving family problems.
  • We believe in providing the Courts with accurate, reliable, and pertinent information that should serve as the foundation for appropriate decision-making.
  • We believe in the development, implementation, and evaluation of a continuum of community sanctions that are proportional to the offense and are sufficient to address the varying requirements for offender control and accountability.
  • We believe in facilitating victim involvement through victim impact statements and victim access to Probation.
Phone: (315) 379-2115

The Public Defender’s Office defends indigent persons charged with violations of law that could result in incarceration upon conviction and provides representation to indigent parties in Family Court matters.

Phone: (315) 386-2325

The St. Lawrence County Public Health Department has been serving the county since 1936. We offer a wide variety of health services and programs to county residents, geared toward improving both individual health and well being; and that of the community.

Phone: (315) 379-2292

St Lawrence County Administers three ongoing Public Transportation Programs:

St. Lawrence County Public Transit
First Mile Last Mile
Mobility Management

Phone: (315) 379-2207

Purchasing Office is responsible for procurement of goods and services and operation of Central Stockroom.

Phone: (315) 379-2272

To educate, advise and assist county government, local governments, local property owners, and the public in general, in the area of real property assessment administration.

Phone: (315) 379-2222

The Sheriff's Office is composed of four(3) Divisions: (1) Civil Division - Serve papers for income executions, property executions, etc., from various attorneys. (2) Correctional Division - Maintain order inside the Correctional Facility. (3) Criminal Division - Enforce all laws within St. Lawrence County; investigate accidents; serve papers for various courts, District Attorney, Probation Department, etc.

Phone: (315) 379-2111

The St. Lawrence County Department of Social Services provides temporary assistance to eligible individuals and families to help them with their basic needs until they can become self-sufficient. Toward that end, we have employment programs and other supportive services such as day care so that people can find and maintain employment. We also administer programs which can assist people with their medical expenses and nutritional needs.

Phone: (315) 386-3582

The St. Lawrence County SWCD has been helping concerned landowners care for their natural resources since 1957.

Phone: (315) 379-9084

The Solid Waste Department’s mission is to provide the residents of St. Lawrence County with an economical and environmentally sound solid waste disposal options and recycling avenues. This mission is accomplished through the operation of four transfer stations. We are also responsible for maintaining the County’s closed landfills.

Phone: (315) 379-2234

The Treasurer's Office works with the St. Lawrence County Legislature and other county departments in maintaining the county's financial well-being by the proper receipt and disbursement of county funds and by the maintenance of accurate financial records. Also, this office works with villages, towns, and school districts in the collection of property taxes and to provide service to taxpayers who remit their taxes directly to the county. Responsible for county payroll and tax enforcement.

Phone: (315) 386-4754

Confidential service for St. Lawrence County veterans and eligible beneficiaries. Provides advocacy for various veteran's benefits on the Federal, State and local level. Provides information and referral for veteran's services. Operates Outreach Offices in Massena and Gouverneur (2 days a month each), Star Lake, (1 day a month), and in-home visits to housebound veterans.

Phone: (315) 379-9464

Since 1945 the State Youth Commission of New York has been providing technical and financial support to youth programs in communities throughout the state. The intent was to provide services for the personal development of youth and to prevent, detect and treat delinquency.