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Bureau of EMS - Coordinators

The EMS Coordinator Position is Currently Vacant
To assist both transporting and first response agencies, an EMS Coordinator has been appointed by St. Lawrence County. Under Section 223-B of New York State County Law, "It is his or her duty to administer the county programs for EMS training and mutual aid in cases of emergencies in which the service of EMS providers would be used; to act as a liaison officer between the county government and the county EMS advisory board and the EMS providers in the County and the officers and governing boards or bodies thereof; and to perform such other duties as prescribed."
On a routine basis, the role of the County EMS Coordinator is advisory. The County EMS Coordinator will be automatically notified of any circumstance listed below. Response will depend on the potential benefit to the EMS providers and agencies at the scene, or if requested by the Incident Commander:
  • Any reported or confirmed incident involving five (5) or more patients
  • Any event in which four (4) or more different transporting ambulance agencies are paged
  • Any Fire or EMS line of duty death or serious illness/injury
  • Any EMS vehicle/ambulance accident with injury
  • When requested by an EMS, Fire, Police, or Government unit
It is not the purpose of the County EMS Coordinators to assume command, but to work in conjunction with the incident commander to assist in the coordination and acquisition of resources and/or mutual aid. The County EMS Coordinators may also assist the Incident Commander with incident management, hospital notification, radio communications, or any other tasks as ordered. The County EMS Coordinators may be relieved/stood down at any time by the Incident Commander or EMS Commander on scene.