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Fee Schedule

St. Lawrence County
Soil & Water Conservation District
Fee Schedule (Adopted January 25, 2024)

Ag Value Assessment | $30.00/parcel
       Late Fee after 2/15 | $10.00/parcel

Fertilizer Tablets | $0.40 each

Insufficient funds/returned check fees etc.                                   
      Must reimburse SLC SWCD for all bank fees charged

Soil Survey Information | $1.00/sheet donation

Soil Survey GIS Map | $5.00/donation

Soil Description (Non Technical) Booklet | $5.00 donation

Soil Survey Books & CDs | No fee

Soil Survey Interpretation | $48.00/hr.

Technical Assistance | $51.00/hr.

Tree & Shrub Program | Sliding Fee dependent on species and quantity

Tree Plantation Signs | $1.40 each