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About the Soil & Water Conservation District


The Soil and Water Conservation District is co-located in the St. Lawrence County USDA Service Center at 1942 Old DeKalb Road, Canton, NY.

What is the Soil and Water Conservation District of St. Lawrence County?

The Soil and Water Conservation District of St. Lawrence County was established by the County Board of Supervisors on June 11, 1957 in response to landowners’ needs and interest in soil and water conservation programs.

There are seven directors who are appointed by the County Legislature. Two directors represent the legislature, one the Farm Bureau, one the Grange, and three are Directors-at-Large. The District is a legal subdivision of state government and is responsible under state law for conservation work within its boundaries.

The directors meet as needed to carry on routine business, establish priorities for assistance, and review technical work.

Organization: The organizational tree to see how the levels are connected.

Board of Directors

Position Director Name Term Expires Organization Represented
Chairperson Robert Andrews, Jr.  1/31/2024 At-Large
Vice Chair Adam Cook 12/31/2024 Ag At-Large
Treasurer Patrick Smith 12/31/2024 Farm Bureau
Member Jackie teRiele 4/30/2027 Non Ag At-Large
Member Kaitlyn Kulp 8/1/2025 Ag At-Large
Member Margaret Haggard 12/31/2024 County Legislator
Member John Burke 12/31/2024 County Legislator

Board of Directors Bios

Staff - The Soil and Water Conservation District currently staffs five positions.

District Law - New York State Law that governs Soil and Water Conservation District.

Board Meeting Dates