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Child Support

Contact Person:
Sherry Geer, Coordinator of Child Support Unit | St. Lawrence County Department of Social Services
Child Support Helpline: (888) 208-4485 Fax: (315) 379-2476

Brief Description of Services:

The Child Support Unit can assist people in the following areas (which can be taken across state lines):

  • Locate absent parents
  • Establish legal fatherhood for children
  • Assist client in preparing and filing appropriate support petitions
  • Obtain support orders from court
  • Collect, monitor and disburse child support payments from the absent parent
  • Enforce unpaid child support by administrative processes as well as by court action

These service are available to St. Lawrence County residents. Available to parent, relative or legal guardian of a dependent child, legal representative with power of attorney; agency or institution responsible for the child; non-legally responsible relatives when child has been abandoned or is in his or her custody and there is an absent responsible parent.

Applicants need to call for an appointment and a list of the many documents needed.

NYS Child Support Online