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Adult Protective Services

Contact Person:
Heather Patton, Supervisor | St. Lawrence County Department of Social Services
Phone: (315) 379-2148

Brief Description of Services:

Adult Protective Services investigates referrals that indicate the need for protection against adult abuse, neglect or exploitation, or the possibility of self-harm due to mental illness, substance abuse or other impairment. A treatment plan is made to alleviate the problem. Emergency boarding homes are available without regard to income.

Services include:

  • Residential care for adults: Recruits, certifies and supervises residential homes for adults 18 years of age and older to provide community based care for those unable to manage independent living. Arranges placements, assists in obtaining necessary supportive services. Emergency housing is available.
  • Health related services: Assists eligible individuals and families to obtain and maintain favorable health conditions as an aid to self-support or self-care. Assists those with chronic alcohol abuse or substance abuse problems to seek and utilize medical services and appropriate treatment programs.
  • Preventive services: Assesses, arranges and provides counseling and related services to individuals and families to prevent breakdowns and keep problems from worsening.
  • Home management: Provides instruction and short term counseling in budgeting, nutrition, consumerism, care of home, health maintenance. Evaluates need for protective payee or vendor payments.
  • Home improvement: Assesses need and arranges for improvement in housing conditions by helping obtain necessary home repair, protection from exploitation by landlord, alternate housing
  • Services to victims of domestic violence: Assists with services to spouses and families to resolve problems leading to or developed from violence. Provides temporary emergency shelter, arranges for legal services consultation, transportation, general counseling.
  • Information and referral services: Helps clients find what services and benefits are available for them through Social Services and from other agencies as Social Service clients.

Services available to residents of St. Lawrence County

  • Protective Services: Child Protective serves children from birth up to 18.
  • Adult Protective serves adults 18 and over. Protective Services are available to non-DSS clients and are provided without regard to income.
  • Adult Services: Recipients of Public Assistance, SSI and Medical Assistance are automatically eligible. All others mush meet Title XX eligibility requirements.

Information and referral can be provided to non-DSS clients without regard to income.
Persons calling the agency should have the following information ready:

  • For Child Protective: details of the alleged abuse, maltreatment, neglect, etc.
  • For Adult Protective: proof of residence, income, resource, and identification.