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Environmental Health

well water

Our partial service Sanitarian Program provides environmental health education to residents of St. Lawrence County on topics including: 

  • Water Quality
  • Septic Systems
  • Mold
  • Pests

Additionally, the Sanitarian investigates public health nuisances within St. Lawrence County. 

To file a formal public health complaint

Complaint Form *Please read all instructions before submitting your complaint form. Only complaints within St. Lawrence County and under public health jurisdiction will be addressed*

For concerns outside the purview of the Sanitarian, please contact the appropriate agency.


Phone Number


Code Enforcement Officers

Contact official for your Town/City

Housing concerns and property questions

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation


Pollution related concerns

St. Lawrence County Sheriff


Animal welfare concerns

NYS Department of Health 315-386-1040 Environmental health concerns, regulations, and permitted establishments such as restaurants

To access a map of HABS in New York State waters,  click  here.

Sanitarian Critter Proofing


Protect Yourself from Tickborne Disease this Hunting Season

Tips for Critter Proofing Your Home

Tips for Lead-Safe Gardening

Tips for DIY Lead-Safe Renovations

Guidance for Maintaining Septic Systems

Information on Household Water and Sewage

Information on Environmental Nuisance Issues

Additional Environmental Resources