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Military Discharges

Military Discharges, also known as DD214's, can be filed in our office by the veteran or by anyone with a relationship to the veteran. Images of these documents are kept here permanently, therefore any veteran, or their designated agent, may obtain a copy or certified copy of their discharge. There is no charge for filing these records or for obtaining copies of them.

Obtaining a Copy or Certified Copy of a DD214

According to New York State Law no filed certificate or any information contained therein, shall be disclosed to any person except the veteran or parent, spouse, dependent or child of the veteran, representative of the estate of the deceased veteran or a public official, acting within the scope of his or her employment, unless such disclosure is authorized in writing by the veteran.

Anyone requesting copies of Military Discharges must present a valid photo ID. Individuals unable to visit our office must submit a written request along with a copy of their valid photo ID, and where they would like the copies returned to. Our Military Discharge Request Form may be mailed to our office. If the individual requesting the copy is not the veteran, we require proof of relationship to the veteran. If you have any questions on what type of documentation is sufficient, or any other questions, please feel free to call our office at (315)379-2237.

If you do not have your discharge, a Request Pertaining to Military Records should be submitted to the National Personnel Records Center using a Standard Form 180. Contact the VSA for the form or go to

Additionally, the National Personnel Records Center stores veteran's medical and service records which can also be requested using the Standard Form 180.