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Historical Information

The First Government

St. Lawrence County was originally comprised of 10 towns and was a part of Clinton County with Plattsburgh as the County Seat. Because of the great distance and danger of traveling to Plattsburgh the people of the west petitioned for the establishment of a new county, now known as St. Lawrence County.

St. Lawrence County was formed on March 3, 1802, with its county seat in Ogdensburg. As the county expanded, citizens in the central and southern parts became dissatisfied with the location of the county government. They complained about the long, hazardous journey in the winter months, and feared an attack by the British, since Ogdensburg was so close to Canada.

In 1828, after a bitter debate the county seat was moved to Canton, a more central location. The county government has remained in this location since.

The County and its government have gone through many changes since their beginning. Some changes were as a result of the citizens desires; other changes were beyond their control such as destructive fires, population growth, and changes required by law.

The County is now comprised of 32 towns, 1 city, and 10 villages.