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Online Orientation

Welcome to St. Lawrence County!

As we navigate the hiring process we will be providing most of the information and documents online in an effort to make this experience more manageable and comfortable for you to complete at home.  This process is likely to take approximately 4 hours to complete and you will be paid for this time in your first paycheck.  There are three (3) areas to complete including:  Payroll/HR forms, Policies, and Training Videos.

*Here is a checklist for your own use to make sure you have not forgotten anything: Online Orientation Checklist


1. Payroll/HR Forms:

There are several forms that you must complete for the hiring process. You will find the required forms listed below and you may access each form by clicking on the link.  Please plan to bring the completed forms and appropriate forms of Identification to orientation on your first day of employment/orientation date.  If you do not have the ability to access these forms here online please call Human Resources or your Department Director and we will mail them to you.  


2.  Policies:

You must review several policies/plans prior to your first day of work.  You may access each policy listed below by clicking on it:


3. Training Videos: (1.75 hrs)

You must view several videos prior to your first day of work.  You may access each video listed below by clicking on it.