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Weights & Measures FAQ

Q. How do we know a device is correct and being correctly used?

A. A blue or yellow St. Lawrence County Weights & Measures Inspection Seal should be present on all commercially used weighing and measuring devices and is date stamped to show when the device was last inspected. This seal indicates that the device has been inspected, tested and is accurate. Most importantly, it guarantees that you are getting what you pay for.

Q. The gas pump is wrong, because I pumped more than two gallons into my two gallon can.  Wasn't I short-measured?

A. Just as your car gas tank holds more than its rated capacity, approved fuel containers will hold more than their stated capacity and are designed with room for expansion.  It is likely that you were not short measured, however if you are concerned, you can contact our office and submit a formal complaint and we will perform a follow up inspection and investigate your concern.

Q. What information should be on my kerosene or fuel oil bill when delivered by truck?

The delivery ticket should show the name and address of the buyer and seller, the delivery date, the unit price, and the amount of product delivered.  The amount of product must be metered on the ticket - IT CANNOT BE WRITTEN IN BY HAND.

Q. Even though the gas pump is correct, how do we know we're getting the correct octane?

A. St. Lawrence County Weights & Measures participates in the New York State Petroleum Quality Program. This involves collecting over 165 gasoline and diesel fuel samples yearly, on a random basis, throughout the County. These samples are then sent to a State contracted laboratory for chemical testing. These tests assure that the fuel meets all appropriate quality standards.

Q. I thought St. Lawrence County had an Item-Pricing law.  Why do some stores fail to price items?

A. St. Lawrence County Item pricing Law targets only certain items found in selected stores and allows those who apply and meet certain conditions a waiver from the pricing requirement.  (See Item Pricing Law of 1998 ).  A Notice of Waiver is posted at the entrance of such stores.

Q. How can I get more information on obtaining a Weighmaster license?

A. The Weighmaster license is issued by New York State.  NYS Weighmaster Application.