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Solid Waste Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Learn more about recycling at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Website.

Q. Is it true that recyclables go to the landfill?

A. The answer is both Yes and No. YES – If your recyclables are not clean or properly separated they have the potential to be disposed of as trash. NO – If separated and clean, the law requires that recyclables are processed through an approved recycler or recycling process. What does your hauler require you to do?

Q. Where do my recyclables go?

A. Where recyclables go depend on how they are collected. We currently use a commingled recycling process. This means that we mix certain product together and allow the recovery facility to separate them. In SLC we separate our recyclables into two categories – Glass, Metal & Plastic (GMP) and Cardboard & Mixed Papers. GMP is shipped to FCR Recycling in Stanley, NY for processing and cardboard & paper are processed locally by Casella.

Q. Why do I have to pay for recycling?

A. Like most everything there is a cost of doing business. The products have to be collected, hauled and processed. This cost money. Some people manage this cost through taxes or by increasing other fees. We have chosen to charge for the product so that our cost and revenues are visible.

Q. Why do I have to separate my recyclables?

A. Our current recycling vendor has a dual-stream process, meaning that they have one market for GMP and one for cardboard & paper. We enforce separation into these two streams so that we can keep both our and your costs down.

Q. What items can be recycled?

A5. Click on the items below to see what can be recycled