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Vaccine Registration for 1b Essential Workers - Golden Dome, March 4

The St. Lawrence County Public Health Department will be administering COVID-19 vaccinations this Thursday, March 4th from 8:00am-10am at the Golden Dome in Ogdensburg for Priority Group 1b—Essential Workers who meet criteria. 

You must verify that you meet eligibility criteria by:
1.    Showing your driver’s license or equivalent
2.    Completing the NYS Vaccine Form
3.    Providing proof of employment, which may include: 
a.     An employee ID card or badge, 
b.    A letter from an employer or affiliated organization, 
c.    A pay stub, 
d.    Display proof of work via an application (e.g. Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, FoodFetched, etc.)  

The 1b group currently includes:

-    Hotel Workers
-    Public Safety (law, fire, EMS, probation) 
-    Grocery Workers – including permitted home-delivered meal programs, food banks, and food pantries 
-    Restaurant Workers and Drivers, including workers in permitted soup kitchens and congregate meal programs
-    Court staff (judges not at this time)
-    Transit workers 
-    P-12 Schools (faculty or staff including contractors and student teachers) 
-    In person college faculty and instructors 
-    Childcare workers (licensed, registered, or legally exempt group childcare provider) 
-    For-hire vehicle drivers, including taxi, livery, black car, and transportation network company drivers 

There are two steps to complete the registration process for a vaccine:

1.    Registration:

2.    Attestation of Eligibility: Please complete the eligibility form prior to your vaccination: NYS Vaccine Form  

Please bring proof that both the registration and the eligibility have been completed either by printing or taking a screenshot on your phone. 

Please also review these guidelines to ensure you are eligible on the day of your vaccine:
•    If you are currently in isolation or quarantine due to COVID-19, you are not eligible. You will need to schedule at a later date upon availability.
•    You must be at least 18 to receive the Moderna vaccine.
•    You must be available for the second dose 4 weeks later on: April 1st. 
•    If there are no slots left when you go to register, please let the Public Health Department know by sending an email with your name, phone number, and the location you are trying to sign up for to [email protected] and you will be placed on standby.
•    Please do not enter the vaccine clinic until 5 minutes before your appointment time to maintain COVID-19 safety and prevent gathering. 

Below is a screen shot of what your registration ticket will look like and confirmation of vaccine form submission. Please bring copies or screen shots of them with you.

Vaccine Registration TicketImage of Vaccine Form