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St. Lawrence County Public Health Department Updates COVID-19 Contact Tracing Process

PRESS RELEASE: St. Lawrence County Public Health Updates COVID-19 Contact Tracing Process:

The St. Lawrence County Public Health Department (SLCPH) announces that significant changes have been made to the COVID-19 Case Investigation and Contact Tracing process. Due to the shift in New York State’s (NYS) evolving priorities, SLCPH and NYS will be focusing its case investigation efforts on the most vulnerable populations: older adults, school-aged children, daycares, nursing homes, healthcare settings, and other congregate settings. You may not get a call from SLCPH/NYS if you tested positive or were exposed to COVID-19; however, you will still be notified by the place you were tested of your results. Individuals who have tested positive will need to self-isolate and anyone who has been exposed should self- quarantine.... FOR FULL PRESS RELEASE CLICK HERE: