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St. Lawrence County is pleased to announce the opening of the Multi-Use Trail for the 2021 season this Saturday, May 15th. The Trail will be open until September 15th with an increase in traffic expected as restrictions related to COVID-19 continue to decrease. On May 3rd, the St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators adopted a new Local Law that creates a Trail Fund to support and maintain the trails for this year and many years to come.  There has been great anticipation and input from stakeholders to help create the Local Law for the Multi-Use Trail. An important part of this Local Law creates the opportunity for residents and visitors to purchase new Multi-Use Trail Passes to ride on the trail. The new Trail Passes are not available yet, so please get out and enjoy the Multi-Use Trail!

Bill Sheridan, Chair of the St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators said, “We are looking forward to kicking off the 2021 Trail Season in St. Lawrence County! We are encouraged to have a local law in place that will provide the tools going forward to ensure a sustainable Multi-Use Trail Fund for generations to come.” Sheridan continued, “This will be for the exclusive use to support the trail. We will be engaging county departments and local businesses along the Multi-Use Trail to assist the County in having locations to obtain trail passes as soon as possible.”

Trails Advisory Board Chair Tony Arquiett (Legislator representing District 13 – Helena) said, “We are so excited for the 2021 Season and look forward to welcoming residents and visitors to the County and the Multi-Use Trail. I would like to extend my appreciation to all of the volunteers who make this happen out on the trail year after year and county staff for the local laws and policies that have prepared us for this. This has been a true team effort!” Arquiett continued, “The adoption of the Local Law to improve the Multi-Use Trail with a dedicated fund is a tremendous long term solution. The commitment by the County is a great accomplishment. As we get ready to distribute the Trail Passes, the County will not be enforcing the pass requirement yet. So please get out and enjoy the County Multi-Use Trail this weekend and once available, get your pass and enjoy throughout the summer!”

Sheriff Brooks Bigwarfe said, “As Sheriff, and on behalf of the entire Sheriff’s Office, we would like to welcome everyone to the St. Lawrence County Multi-Use Trail System! We encourage responsible trail riding including traveling at safe speeds and staying only on the designated roads, trails, and areas for ATV/UTV use.  Be aware and respectful of surrounding areas and people’s property.  To maximize your safety always wear a helmet, eye protection, and other safety gear, and to minimize the environmental impact on our great County, please remember to pack out what you pack in, and don’t leave any liter behind.    Most of all, have fun, stay safe, and get out there and enjoy our trails!”

DEC Regional Director Randall C. Young said, “DEC and St. Lawrence County have worked diligently together to provide connections for this multi-use trail. Outdoor recreational opportunities are abundant in New York State and this trail is a great new addition that we encourage visitors to enjoy safely and responsibly.”
County Trail Coordinator Deb Christy said, “Our St Lawrence County Trails Advisory Board, ATV clubs, trail user groups, local businesses, and recreational dealers thank the St. Lawrence County Legislators for their support and vision to provide quality outdoor recreational activities for visitors and residents while stimulating local business.”
The County would like to remind users of the Multi-Use Trail System that passes will NOT be required on the Trail for opening day through Memorial Day. The County will begin enforcement of the Trail Pass requirements on June 1, 2021. 


Multi-Use Trail Local Law