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Resolution No 117-2011.pdf 2/13/20 3:26 PM 52.56 KB

LL3 for the Year 2011_To Establish the Office of County Administrator and Abolishing LL3 for the Year 2007

Resolution No 328-2011.pdf 2/13/20 3:27 PM 98.21 KB

LL4 for the Year 2011_Overriding the Tax Levy Limit for SLC for 2012 and Authorizing the Adoption by SLC of a Budget for 2012 that Requires a Tax Levy that is Greater than the Tax Levy Limit for the 2012 Fiscal Year

Resolution No 40-2011.pdf 2/13/20 3:27 PM 68.42 KB

LL1 for the Year 2011_Setting Salaries for County Employees

Resolution No 66-2011.pdf 2/13/20 3:28 PM 191.68 KB

LL2 for the Year 2011_Adopting the SLC Ethics Law and Rescinding all Previous Ethics Law and Amendments in SLC

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