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Resolution No_ 55-2015.pdf 2/13/20 3:05 PM 74.05 KB

LL2 for the Year 2015_Amending LL3 for the Year 2006, Permitting and Regulating ATV Operations on Certain County Roads

Resolution No_ 153-2015.pdf 2/13/20 3:06 PM 69.73 KB

LL3 for the Year 2015_Rescinding LL2 for the Year 2003 and Authorizing SLC to Print and/or Insert Additional INformation on the Realy Property Tax Bills

Resolution No_ 154-2015.pdf 2/13/20 3:07 PM 144.54 KB

LL4 for the Year 2015_Setting Policy on Acquisition and Sale Tax Delinquent Property in SLC

Resolution No_ 158-2015.pdf 2/13/20 3:10 PM 203.74 KB

LL6 for the Year 2015_Allowing for Common, Safe Items to be Excluded from the Fireworks and Dangerous Fireworks Definitions Contained in Chapter 477 of Laws of the State of New York for 2014 and Further Providing for the Manufacture, Sale, and Use of Sparkler Devices within SLC as Permitted by Chapter 477 of Laws of the State of New York

Resolution No_ 159-2015.pdf 2/13/20 3:10 PM 131.72 KB

LL5 for the Year 2015_Defining the Term Proper Cause as Found in Penal Law §400.00(2)(F) Regarding Licenses to Carry, Possess, Repair, and Dispose of Firearms

Resolution No_ 291-2015.pdf 2/13/20 3:11 PM 1.44 MB

LL7 for the Year 2015_Adopting the SLC Ethics Law and Rescinding All Previous Ethics Laws and Amendments in SLC

Resolution No_ 54-2015.pdf 2/13/20 3:12 PM 54.27 KB

LL1 for the Year 2015_Permitting and Regulating ATV Operation on Certain Public Lands other than County Roads

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