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Youth Advisory Board

Pursuant to Article 19-A Section 419 and 420 of the Executive Law of New York State, Section 165.1 of the Rules and Regulations of the New York State Office of Children and Family Services, and St. Lawrence County Resolution 228-77, the Youth Advisory Board was created.  This Board shall make recommendations to the Board of Legislators regarding provision of services to youth in St. Lawrence County.  Also, this Board shall make recommendation during the preparation of the County Comprehensive Plan for Youth Services, Resource Allocation Process, and provide feedback during monitoring and elevation.

Membership shall include not more than twenty-one (21) members who will consist of fifty percent (50%) citizens and fifty percent (50%) members of County Government who are directly concerned with the well-being of youth, including a minimum of two (2) youths.  The Chair of the Board of Legislators and the Executive Director of the Youth Bureau shall serve as ex-officio members.  Members of this Board may not serve as employees of programs, which receive funding from the Youth Bureau when there is a contract for state aid through the Office of Children and Youth Services.

Term:  Two Years.