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Campaign Finance

New York State Board of Elections now handles Campaign Finance

New York State Campaign Finance

2024 Campaign Contribution Limits


Claim of Exemption from Filing 

A candidate or committee that falls under one of the following situations may file with the NYS Board of Elections a   Candidate or Committee Claim of Exemption from Filing Campaign Financial Disclosure Reports (CF-05)

  • I am a candidate and I have not/will not receive or spend more than $50 for my campaign, including my own personal funds.


  • I am the treasurer of a committee formed solely to support or oppose a ballot proposition and the committee has not/will not raise or spend over $100 relative to the ballot proposition.


  • For those in a town, city or village having a population under 10,000: 1) I am a candidate for public office, or treasurer of an authorized committee solely supporting one candidate for public office, or treasurer of a committee solely supporting or opposing a ballot proposition; and 2) the receipts or expenditures of the candidate or committee will not exceed $1,000 in the aggregate for the campaign.