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Posting Bail

Bail can be posted twenty four (24) hours a day, seven days a week. Bail will be accepted by cash, credit card, or bail bond. This facility does not accept checks or money orders.

Posting Bail in Person

Entrance to the facility will be gained through the main lobby entrance and you will be required to announce yourself to the Control Room Officer via the intercom located next to the main door. Upon entering the vestibule through the first set of doors you should turn to your right and enter LO102 Bail/Property Drop room and press the intercom button on the wall. This will alert the Intake Officer you are there to post bail.

Anyone wishing to post bail must have photo identification.

If you are paying bail in person using a credit card the credit card holder must be present at the facility and have proper identification. A fact sheet with all the required information will be given to the payee. The payee will then be required to call GPS bail services; a phone is located in the bail/property drop room that dials exclusively to GPS bail services. GPS will verify the credit card information and that there are sufficient funds on the credit card. Once this verification has been made, GPS will give the payee a six (6) digit reference number which you will be required to give to the Intake Officer to allow the facility to verify the transaction.

Once GPS has notified the Correctional Facility that the bail has been paid, the facility will then verify the information; the bail is the correct amount, the card number is correct and the payee is the person named on the card. The payee will be required to sign all paperwork.

Posting Bail Remotely

To post bail from a remote location the payee will need to contact the Correctional Facility to get the information from our fact sheet including our PLC number, amount of bail, and the court name. Payee will then call the toll free number 1-877-EZBAIL5 (1-877-392-2455) or visit the web site at to pay the bail. GPS will verify the credit card information and that there are sufficient funds on the credit card.

Be advised all paperwork will be filled out in the defendants name and the card holder will relinquish any claim to the funds and understands and agrees that the funds will become property of the individual being bailed; and that the cardholder understands that upon disposition of the case/charges against the defendant, any funds ordered returned by the court will be returned to the defendant and NOT the cardholder.  

GovPayNet is a private debt and credit card processing company and will be the Merchant of Record for all bail-related payments consumers make through the GovPayNet remote bail service. 

Bail Bond

To post bail using a bail bond the payee will need to know the amount of bail and court the bail is for. Bail bonds are handled directly through the courts. The Correctional Facility will receive a Court Ordered Release for any defendant who has been released on bail bonds.

Citi-Bail Agency, Inc - Watertown New York
Charles K. Bansah
315-965-6437 (Cell)
315-681-6332 (Office)

Lloyd Swartz, Bail Bonds

North Country Bail Bonds, LLC
Riverside Drive 
Canton, NY  13617
(518) 900-BOND (2663)

Rocco Bufano Bail Bonds
Syracuse, NY

Robert Waters Bail Bonds
Syracuse, NY 

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